How do i locate another iphone user

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Apparently he didn't like that so instead of changing his credentials he just turned it off completely. Now when I log in, it says he's online but it can't find his location. Hope this helps! Is there a way to hide the location services little arrow? Yes I also want to know how to hide that arrow or I want to find some app which can track location by wifi or another way not with location service.

I've just upgraded to the new version of the iPhone and the Find my Friend app downloaded automatically. When I opened it I already had a follower - a friend so no big deal. But how did he become a follower when there was no invite?

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Can he now actually track me? I don't mean to necro this thread but reading a couple of these comments, lol. I beg to differ. My wife got a new job working for the local govt. Even SHE loves this app for just the 2 of us.

Activation Lock problems will prevent iPhone registration on a cell network

If you are just looking at it as some "stalker" app, then maybe it's you so you might want to get your insecurities in check.. Just saying. Are you actually telling me that you enjoy people knows your where abouts at all times? Even if you are i can imagine many people don't, and they would have no idea they are giving away their location just by having an iphone. Taking your extreme case as example, i can also provide you with evidence how criminals have far more success in tracking their targets, whether for raping, killing, stealing So I notice when I share my location or vice versa, we get notification of such activity in iMessages.

How do we stop this? I have turned off notifications in settings and within the FMF app.

Track A Cell Phone Location with Google Map for Free - Mobile Number Locator

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Step-by-Step Tips to Set Up Your Kid's iPhone

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Then it struck me; can't this be used to effectively spy on someone? The central premise of the app is being able to quickly and easily share your GPS location with friends, family, and co-workers.

If Find My [device] is enabled on your missing device

Download : Glympse Free. Sygic Family Locator is the best app on this list for anyone who has kids and wants to keep abreast of their location all the time. You can use it to see the real-time location of anyone else in your family who uses the app. Download : Sygic Family Locator Free, in-app purchases available. The core feature is obviously plotting their GPS location on a map in real-time, but the app has a few other functions that help it stand out.

These include temporary location sharing, a built-in instant messaging chat service, a directions finder, and an estimated time of arrival calculator. You can enable and disable the location sharing as needed, and it offers granular settings to control exactly who can see your location. Download : Find My Friends Free, premium version available. Although the primary use case for many apps in this category is to keep an eye on your children, they are also handy for anyone who spends a lot of time off the beaten path.

Hiking in unfamiliar areas can pose a real danger to your safety. The developers created the map with hikers in mind. All the maps have elevation measurements, and latitude and longitude coordinates for your location are provided in both degrees and UTM-WSG It relies on the person sharing their location with you, so it might not be the best option for some situations. However, for groups of friends or colleagues trying to arrange a meetup, it will more than suffice. If you want to know how to share your location with friends on Google Maps, follow the instructions below:.

Remember, if you are a member of a Google Family Group, you will already have access to the GPS locations of any participating children. Download : Google Maps Free. You can choose when you share your location with each Circle. For example, you might want to share your location with your buddies while on a night out, but not during the rest of the week. The Circles approach affords you that level of control.

How to Add Another User to Your Apple HomePod

Each Circle has a private map and a private message service that only other Circle members can see. Download : Life Free, subscription available. Instead, it will only start recording when you move a considerable distance. Apps are not the only way to track people that you want to keep an eye on. There are wearables, web services, and even some search engines that can help. Select the name of the iPhone that was lost or stolen.

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The app searches for the device and displays a map showing its location if the iPhone is turned on and within reach of a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. A pop-up message appears in the middle of the screen. These include playing a sound to help you locate the phone, locking the device or erasing all content on the phone.

If the device was stolen, tap the Lost Mode button and enter a passcode to lock the device and prohibit anyone from using it.

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